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Hi Carl, Finally found time to go on the computer!

I've been on several very enjoyable trips with you but this mammal tour has topped the lot.  So many everlasting memories from the slumbering majesty of the (totally unexpected) Walrus to the mesmerising energetic display from the Common Dolphins, I'm still in dreamland really!  Plus perfect weather, stunning scenery, good company etc. etc.

Thank you again for all your effort in making this happen.

Best wishes


PW – Norfolk - Mammal Tour of the UK May 2018




Hi Carl … we saw lots of amazing things – just been looking at a few photos (there are a lot) – dolphins – phwoaar! P spoke to a work colleague who thought he was joking about seeing a walrus in Scotland – ‘really?! – you’re pulling my leg.  A walrus in some random Scottish harbour?’ kind of thing. Thanks for such an enjoyable and memorable trip…Looking forward to seeing your photos etc. 

Thanks for a truly exceptional and memorable trip

Best wishes


G&PP – Mersyside – Mammal Tour of the UK May 2018




Hi Carl …We had a great trip to Mull and want to thank you for a wonderful week. You could not have been kinder to the pair of us, we really enjoyed a fascinating trip. We would not hesitate in recommending you to others.
Very kind regards

M & AE – Norfolk – Birders Tour to Mull May 2018




Hi Carl - Thank you for your email and for the lovely day yesterday.  We really really enjoyed it and it was so nice just to be able to relax and enjoy nature!  We would certainly love to see you again and your tours are of real interest to us.  ….

We wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon.  With many thanks for such a wonderful day,


N&DO – North London – Norfolk Birders Tour May 2018




Hi Carl, 
Just a note to say thank you for the trip to Scotland. I did enjoy it the whole break and thought the hotel was excellent. We were very lucky with the weather. 
….Take care and all the best. 


AC – Suffolk – Birders Tour to Scotland April 2018




Hello Carl! We really enjoyed our day with you and learned so much! We've been listening to …birds…every since:)) You really are incredibly knowledgeable. I would be happy to write a testimonial for you for your website if you want one. Just let me know.


KB – Spain – Norfolk Birders day April 2018




Hi Carl, Thank you for a very enjoyable day.



PR – Suffolk – Minsmere Speciality Day March 2018




Thanks Carl and, as always, I really enjoyed the day. Good company and good birds Kind Regards


PO – Norfolk – Minsmere Speciality Day March 2018




What a trip. We really enjoyed it. Thanks. Awesome photos as ever. We are really hoping to do a Minsmere trip. I’ll let you know. Best wishes


DW & SR – Norfolk – Geese and Goosander Tour February 2018




Hi Carl, Just a big thank you for another very enjoyable trip, a lovely relaxed pace with the usual mix of good food, company and birds.


PW – Norfolk – Geese and Goosander Tour February 2018




Hi Carl, …. Thought I would drop you an email to thank you for the email and info on our day out and to again thank you for a brilliant day always great fun and educational also a massive thank you for the “amalgamation”!! So amazing I can’t quite get my head around just how many starlings there were
Thanks again see you soon Kind regards

H&BB – Worc – Breckland Birding Day February 2018




Hi Carl, I, …, had a super day. The parrot crossbills were, as you say, the highlight.

In addition, I got some 'best to date' shots of a number of species. We'll be back in touch very soon. Many thanks again.


IS – Derbys – Breckland Birding Day February 2018




Carl, Thank you for a fascinating day in Breckland. A fascinating area and interesting companions. Well worth the trip.


ME – Norfolk – Breckland Birding Day February 2018




Thanks Carl. I had a good time, and from my perspective we did well with new species; goshawk, hawfinch and parrot crossbill.


ES – Derbys – Breckland Birding Day February 2018




Dear Carl, Thank-you so much for the tour last Thursday it was the highlight of the trip! The field notes were much appreciated as were the fabulous photos. We would also like to thank you for the walking map. Hopefully we will see you again on one of your other tours soon. Meanwhile have a great time in Australia and have a Happy New Year! Kind regards


HK & MK – London & Derbyshire – Norfolk Birding Day December 2017




Thanks Carl, I had a very good time and learnt a lot as usual. 

The Little Stint, Osprey and Yellow-browed Warbler were completely new to me. Obviously the Osprey was a highlight, but I was also thrilled to see the Yellow-browed Warbler - must have been because we'd hunted it for a while and had a number of near misses before it showed itself very well (very nice picture by the way)… the Hen Harrier was a first 100% definite sighting. 

I look forward to meeting up again before long. 


ES – Lincs – Norfolk Birding Day October 2017




Hi Carl, Another nice report with some great photos, brings back memories of yet another lovely holiday in the Sillies thanks to your good self. …

Cheers Nick


NS – Glamorganshire – Birding the Isles of Scilly Tour October 2017




Dear Carl - We are really lucky to have found you for our wildlife trips, we have had a remarkable two days with you - seen so many new species I just loved the phalarope brilliant little bird. The osprey wasn't too shabby either!! We always have a great day when birding with you, your knowledge is quite remarkable. …Take care Carl, many thanks again

Best Regards

H&BB – West Sussex - Norfolk Birding & Minsmere Migration October 2017


Thank you so much for yesterday.  We had a great day.  We all soaked up your knowledge and wisdom.  You are A's hero.  He is already planning his next day out with you next spring.

I have tweeted the osprey photo you took for me on my phone through the scope. You get a mention! … Osprey and yellow-browned warbler still in joint place for Bird of the Weekend.

See you soon - and thank you once again for a wonderful and special day.

Very best wishes


AL – Norfolk – Norfolk Birding October 2017




Hi Carl - This is just to say a huge belated thank you from B and I for such a brilliant day on Monday, it was the best start to what has been a lovely week. Your knowledge of wildlife is amazing and as a couple of real novices (one of whom has a memory like a sieve!) we feel very privileged to have been able to spend a day with you (if I make 80 and have a tiny fraction of that knowledge I will feel very proud).

We would love to return to Norfolk and perhaps join one of your tours again in the next year or so.

Best wishes for your house move and the future and thank you once again for your time, patience and professionalism.

With kind regards.


D&BB – Midlands – Norfolk Birding September 2017



Thanks so much, Carl, for a fabulous day…When it poured down with rain the next day, we were so grateful that we had had the sunny, warm weather too.  Did you arrange that on your App also?!

There are a few day tours we have our eye on for next year, so we will be definitely be in touch. Hope you have a great trip to the Isles of Scilly in October and thanks again for your great company and a fabulous day to remember.

Kind regards,


Carl, Many thanks … J and I had a ball, couldn't stop talking about the day. With very best wishes…..

JL & JR – Herts – Norfolk Safari September 2017




Hi Carl, Thank you so much …We had such a fabulous day!!! ..and are still practicing with the names and differences between dragonflies!!! We saw a few on Sunday while fishing and had a go at recognising them!!

We loved it so much that are thinking of booking another one of your tours so we’ll be in touch soon!!!

Thanks again from all of us!!

CP – Norfolk – Norfolk Safari August 2017




Hi Carl, As always a very enjoyable day with you and it was so good to learn how to use the digi scope, I feel it was a real step forward for me. I attach some of the photos I took, very pleased with them….

NS – Devon – Norfolk Birding Day August 2017




Hi Carl - Again many thanks for another wonderful trip.  I don't think the weekend could have been bettered!  It was great to break my dolphin duck but to do it with such good company made it extra special.  …Regards

PW – Norfolk – A Wild Weekend in Wales August 2017




I had fun and learned a lot on our day out. ….I'll definitely look you up when I come back to England.

CF – USA – Norfolk Birding Day July 2017




Hi Carl, … You asked me during the day if the tour was what I expected. 


Well, it was more than I expected; no rush from place to place to cram in as many sightings as possible.  It was a very relaxed day and one I have not stopped telling friends about.


Out of the twenty three species we saw, nine were new to me; I don’t believe I would have seen these nine if I had not come on the tour, especially the chalkhill blue.  …  I have now seen a total of twenty eight species of butterflies here in N. Norfolk – I am well pleased.  For me the day was not so much about photographing but to see the butterflies in their natural surroundings.  On this score, the tour excelled.  The two butterflies that stole the show were the silver washed fritillaries and the chalkhill blues, with the broad bordered bee hawk-moth a most definite bonus.  In case you wondered, despite the camera battery issue, I got some good shots, some of these I posted on my Facebook page and have been ‘liked’ and admired by friends.

Village friends have just passed us copies of EDP Norfolk magazines to read.  You must be very pleased with the article they have printed about you in July’s edition.

Thanks for a wonderful day Carl.

JE – Norfolk – Norfolk Butterfly Day July 2017




Hiya Carl, Thanks for a great day yesterday.  I really enjoyed it! 

TG – Norfolk – Norfolk Butterfly Day July 2017




Thanks Carl, another great day, which I really enjoyed.

PO – Norfolk – Norfolk Birding Day July 2017




Thanks for an enjoyable and informative trip

P &GP – Mersyside – Wildlife of the Jurassic Coast – July 2017




… It was an incredible experience. The sound of the Nightjars on such a still evening will be something we will never forget. Truly awesome mate

AB – Yorks – Supper and Nightjar Evening – July 2017




Hi Carl, just to thank you again for a fantastic trip. We both loved every minute and it did us the world of good.

M&DH – Norfolk – Birders Tour to Mull – May 2017




… Just a note to say thank you all for a great time in Scotland and for really good company…

WJ – Suffolk – UK Mammal Tour – May 2017




Hi Carl … I can only thank you for such a wonderful trip each one I attend opens my eyes to new interests. Scotland is a place I hope to return many more times…

PM – Norfolk – UK Mammal Tour – May 2017




Hi Carl …many thanks for a most enjoyable and informative day, with several 'firsts'. …Also I will be sure to bring a macro set-up next time!

All the best                            

IS – Derby – Norfolk Safari – May 2017




Thanks Carl, I had an excellent day, with my first Firecrest (with decent photo by my standards), Woodlark, and Minotaur Beetle, and best encounter with a Cetti's to date. Also, as usual it was very interesting and a pleasure to spend time with somebody as knowledgeable as yourself.

Looking forward to the boat trip in Aug.

ES – Lincs – Norfolk Safari – May 2017




Hi Carl - Just a quick email to say thanks again for a wonderful trip.  I found myself asking someone what they had done while I was away and when they looked a little blank I remembered it was only four days!  We had seen so much at a variety of sites. I really appreciate the effort you must put in to make everything appear effortless!


PW – Norfolk – Scottish  Birders Long Weekend – April 2017




Thank you Carl for a most delightful day at Minsmere and the promised list of species seen. …seeing the little gem Dartford Warbler in (what I consider) high numbers was an unexpected delight. And the full monty too with call, song and air dance - what more could I have wanted from them. The Garganey gave me my second life tick of the day, not forgetting 2 vocal firsts - the Stone Curlew and Woodlark -  so I was well pleased….

Best wishes,

SG – Wales – Minsmere Speciality Tour – March 2017




Hi Carl… Many thanks again for our trip yesterday and your excellent tuition (with good birds and good food thrown in as well).  It was certainly an eye opener to the challenges of life away from 'auto'.   Events today conspired to prevent me doing anything connected with photography but hopefully I've remembered enough to get going tomorrow!


PW – Norfolk – Photographing Wildlife Day – March 2017




Hi Carl…how could we ever forget that walk in the dunes at Winterton.

My favourite sightings of the day were the snow buntings … and the brown hare near the piggery. You may well see us at some point in the future. Thanks again for all your valiant efforts on the day.

Best regards, 

B&CB – Hamps – Norfolk Birding Day – February 2017



Carl..It was a great trip thank you. Highlight for me was the Cranes.. and the packed lunch of course…Will see you again soon

Best wishes

JL – Newcastle – Norfolk Birding Tour – February 2017




…thanks for a good day and some excellent sightings.


IG – Lincs – Breckland Birding Tour – February 2017




We have had a lovely - and very special day - with you.  Thank you so much.  ‘A’ has a new hero!  …he has voted brambling for the bird of the day.  (It has to be the goshawk and the hawfinches for me - can't choose). … he was cheered up by the promise of a birthday present day out with you again later this year.  You won't have seen the last of us - you have been warned!

Thank you very much again. All the best

AL – Norfolk - Breckland Birding Tour – February 2017




Hi Carl - We just wanted to say thank you for a most enjoyable Norfolk Safari Day yesterday. You were highly informative and didn't make us walk too far, although we were all very tired last night!  Especially enjoyed seeing the seals bobbing up and down at Winterton.  Very nice lunch too.

VR – Norfolk – Norfolk Safari – February 2017




Hi Carl … As always, thoroughly enjoyed the day yesterday. S loved meeting you. 

Big thank you! 

EE – London – Norfolk Safari – Nov 2016




Hello Carl, Once again I thoroughly enjoyed my day birding with you; in fact it becomes a day I look forward to when I book the cottage and come birding in Norfolk.  So I can say now that I'll book a day with you when I next visit end Jan/begin Feb 2017 …Please remember to thank your wife on my behalf for her lovely packed lunches.

JM – Derbyshire – Norfolk Birding Day November 2016




Dear Carl, Thank you so much for a wonderful day at Minsmere.  I speak for us all, as we all had a great time.  Weren’t we lucky with the wonderful birds we saw, and I shall never forget the sight of those harriers…. And oh, so lucky with the weather,  fancy sitting outside on November 2nd eating the most fabulous picnic…

JP – Norfolk – Minsmere Migration Day November 2016




Many thanks Carl it was a very enjoyable day.

G and PP – Debys – Norfolk Safari October 2016




Dear Carl, We wanted to drop you an email to thank you for all your time, energy and effort you had obviously put into the fantastic trip to the Scilly Isles. We were completely amazed at the amount and the quality of birds we (you) tracked down! To arrange for the Sub Alpine Warbler to be in the hotel gardens went far and above our expectations! How do you do it? …

As we said during our stay on the stunning isles the ability to see the birds so clearly and have you there to show us how to distinguish each species so specifically makes a world of difference your knowledge is extraordinary and impressive.

Since we have been home I have had another look at the wryneck and have to admit I love this bird, may not have lots of colour but what a character. …To finish the trip with the lonely Dalmatian Pelican was brilliant (not for the Pelicans prospects) but to be able to see such an unusual bird here.

Thank you again Carl for all you did for us both we loved it.

Very best regards

H and BB – West Sussex - Isles of Scilly Birding Tour October 2016




Hi Carl, I hope your journey back to Norfolk was smooth and uneventful.

Thank you so much for a lovely holiday I greatly enjoyed it, the best Scillies trip yet.


NS – Devon Isles of Scillies Birding Tour October 2016




Hi Carl, Many thanks for an excellent day's birding, we both really enjoyed it.

NS – Devon Norfolk Birding Day – August 2016




Thanks Carl, I had a great day, and consider it a good haul in terms of species seen and photographed. The attached note is much appreciated. Interesting that the hoverfly is a hornet mimic as that's exactly what I thought it was when I first glimpsed it. I got a reasonable shot but sadly it flew away before dad could get a photograph...

ES – Lincs – Norfolk Safari – August 2016




Hi Carl, Like E, I too had a most enjoyable day and am most pleased with what we saw and photographed  - I am also quite pleased with how some of my own photos turned out, once E had allowed me the opportunity.......!

All being well I would like to meet up again in May, and hope that E is once again able to be there. All the very best

IS – Yorks – Norfolk Safari – August 2016




Hi Carl, …Thanks for a lovely outing on Sunday.

Best regards,

AM – Essex – Wader Day – July 2016




Hi Carl, Thank you for a great day

PM – Norfolk – Photographing Wildlife Day – July 2016




Thank you ... Carl, yesterday was extremely useful.  I will try to get to grips with this and do my 'home work'.  Thank you for your patience.

WJ – Essex – Photographing Wildlife Day – July 2016




Hi Carl. Thanks again for Sunday's trip, we both had a very enjoyable day.

J&CE – Norfolk – Purple Emperor Day – July 2016




Hi Carl - Just to thank you again for 2 excellent workshops, really enjoyed myself. Thanks are also due to your caterer! Really tired last night but fresh and recovered this morning and pleased that actually my legs are not aching!

Thought you might like the attached photo.

Very best wishes

AW – Norfolk - Nightjar Supper & Evening & Purple Emperor Day – July 2016 




Dear Carl and Sharon, Thank you both so very much for a wonderful magical and mysterious evening last night.

For me it exceeded all expectations and we both hugely enjoyed ourselves.  

What a lovely supper to begin the evening with. Well done both of you, and I hope to repeat the experience next year! 


J&JP – Norfolk – Nightjar Supper & Evening – July 2016 




Carl - Our thanks to you both for an excellent last Saturday evening, the food was excellent and in spite of the weather it was a good trip...

Good company and birds.

M&AE – Norfolk – Nightjar Supper & Evening – July 2016




Just a quickie to thank you for another splendid weekend - amazing how much there is to be seen and enjoyed in spite of non-cooperative weather!

Looking forward to our next trip to Dorset. 

All the best to you both,

WJ – Essex - East Coast Seabird Tour – June 2016




Carl,  … thanks for the day on 6th June - I enjoyed it immensely and will keep you in mind for further wildlife experiences as well as recommending you to others. I've put your website on my favourites too. Best Wishes,

RS – Lancashire – Norfolk Safari – June 2016




Hello Carl…Thank you for the information, some nice pics. We both had a good day out with you and enjoyed it very much. Thanks again.

P&LW – Lancashire – Norfolk Safari – May 2016


Hello Carl … First of all thank you for a wonderful trip. We had a great time as ever you were a wonderful host.  …Once again thank you for a most excellent safari and best wishes to both you and Sharon.J&PG – Hampshire – Norfolk Safari – May 2016



Carl – With many thanks for a wonderful tour.

M&CW – Lincs – Birders trip to Mull – May 2016




Dear Carl, As I slip gently back into my routine, I want to just take a few moments to tell you how much I enjoyed the trip.  I had a super time, and never cease to marvel at your abilities as a tour leader.  You really do look after us all exceptionally well, and I shall be looking forward to joining you another time.  Thank you so very much, Carl, and thank you to Sharon for lending you to us for the week

JP – Norfolk – Birders trip to Mull – May 2016




Hi Carl, Thank you once again for a brilliant weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and extra special company added to the enjoyment.

WJ – Essex – Birders Scottish Long Weekend – April 2016




Hi Carl, Just a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful trip to Scotland I enjoyed every minute …Hope to enjoy a further trip with you soon.

PM – Norfolk – Birders Scottish Long Weekend – April 2016




Thank you for the notes I will study them and get better thanks for the day and your excellent company I really enjoyed myself hope to see you in the future all the best ?

RP – Norfolk – Photographing Wildlife Day – March 2016




Cheers Carl … Had a great time and another great trip out with you.

See you soon

AB & LH – Yorks – Norfolk Birding Day – March 2016




Carl, Thank you for an excellent day yesterday. If you have the space for two more Anne and I would like to join your Nightjar evening on 9th July.

ME – Norfolk – Minsmere Day – March 2016




Dear Carl, Thank you so much for a wonderful day out.  S enjoyed it equally as much as me, so I enjoyed it doubly!  J and I would love to book for July 9th Saturday, Nightjar evening if there are still places available.

J&JP – Norfolk – Minsmere Day – March 2016




Dear Carl Thank you for a brilliant day! You've walked our legs off, but I've never seen so many birds on one day. I think I now may be hooked on bird watching!

SW - Devon – Minsmere Day – March 2016




We thoroughly enjoyed the day and will be in touch later with regard to Brownsey Island and perhaps another trip to Norfolk.

R & BD - London - Norfolk Birding Day - March 2016




We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. S says he wants to go again next year!

DW & SR – Norfolk – Solway Winter Geese Tour – February 2016




Hi Carl, Thank you so much for a couple of stunning days birding, in the most convivial company! Great fun, great learning, great days! I count 99 species!

Thanks for the photos of the Barwits, good to remember that upper leg length. You have had some great birds on your tours, Goshawk and Snow Goose, etc.

I'm looking forward to the next update on the Norfolk Citation book. See you on the Norfolk pelagic, if not before.

Again, thanks for everything.


NS – Worcs – Norfolk Birders Tour – February 2016




Hello Carl - … It was good to spend time with you last Monday and whenever I'm back birding I'll ask to go birding with you.

Please let your wife know that she puts together a great packed-lunch bag.

Looking forward to seeing you again in August

Best wishes

JM – Notts – Norfolk Birders Tour – February 2016




Thank you Carl, we had a great day and a lovely holiday. Hope we can join you again.
Best Wishes
C&W P – Notts – Norfolk Birders Tour – January 2016




Thanks Carl … there were so many birds that we saw … hope to see you in the new year when I’ll fix up a trip to Norfolk perhaps for the migrants again in March?

All the best for now and thanks so much for a thoroughly enjoyable trip to the Scilly’s...not forgetting the dolphins of course.

AC – Suffolk – Birders Tour to Scillies – October 2015




Carl, Many, many thanks for a wonderful trip. At a party yesterday I was singing your praises and I know of at least one friend who'll be contacting you.

A brilliant day.  Thank you so much

TR – Norfolk – Photographing Wildlife Day – July 2015




Hi Carl, Thank you for two really enjoyable days, some great birds despite the weather.

I greatly appreciate your coaching!!


NS – Devon – Norfolk Birding Day – August 2015




Thanks Carl. Really enjoyed the trip. Very nice to spend time with someone so passionate and knowledgeable about nature. …. I'm sure it won't be long before dad and I join you on another outing.

E and IS – Lincs – Norfolk Birding Day – Oct 2015




Hi Carl, A big thank you to you and all the rest of the team. Fantastic day including packed lunch.

Hope to catch up soon.

EAW – Midlands – Minsmere Migration Day – Oct 2015




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