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Talks & Presentations

I do a number of illustrated talks and presentations. The normal length of any delivery is around 2 hours; however, this can be amended to suit individual requirements.

The cost is £100, plus travel expenses if the venue is outside Norfolk. Charges are invoiced after the event.

The option to present via 'Zoom' is also available at the same price.

To book contact Carl on 07833 463 034 or email carl@wildlifetoursandeducation.co.uk

Subjects include:

Red Data Species

An examination of what constitutes a 'Red Data' species and what is influencing bird populations within the UK and beyond. This illustrated presentation will set you thinking about the changing world in which we live.

Penguins and Albatrosses on the cheap

We all know how expensive wildlife trips to the South Atlantic can be. It is possible to do it cheaper. This illustrated presentation will show you how, how much it will cost and what can be seen.

Birds by habitat

Birds are linked to their habitat even when they occur out of range. We explore by way of an illustrated presentation the occurrence and spread of some species occurring in the UK and beyond.

Winter visitors to Norfolk

An illustrated presentation covering the winter visiting birds to Norfolk.

Humpbacks off Norfolk - whatever next?

An illustrated presentation explaining what a cetacean is which ones occurs in Norfolk and how to identify them. We also explore what has occurred in Norfolk during the past and what is likely to occur in the future.

Victorian Wildlife

The wildlife of Victoria, Australia is very different and unique. I have spent several months there in the last few years. Through photography we can see what can be found and how wildlife is being integrated into development.

From Shore to Heath

Moving from the marine environment through to the North Norfolk ridge we look at the wildlife that can be found in each habitat.

The Whale Detective

Researching the historical occurrences of whales, dolphins and porpoises in Norfolk. This is an illustrated talk about some of the fascinating back stories uncovered.

My Ten Best Wildlife Sites in the World

A personal view. Exploring the very best of the wildlife sites around the world.

Spring Migrants

A look at migration patterns nationally, how and why migration happens as well as variations in migration and an overview of a typical spring. We also consider changes to migration in the future.

History and Mystery

Our latest publication regarding birdwatching in Victorian north Norfolk is now available here.

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