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Coronovirus (COVID-19)

Here at Wildlife Tours and Education we are following, and will continue to follow, governmental advice regarding operations to contain the virus. The safety of our guests is paramount. If you wish to read the governmental advice first hand rather than listen to the medias interpretation please visit:




Please adhere to governmental advice if you feel unwell. We would also please ask you to communicate this to us as soon as you are aware if you are booked on a tour.


If you do not hear from me you may assume your tour will run.


Please contact me if you are unsure or you wish to talk about your booking.


Day tours in and around Norfolk are taking place with guests being picked up in the WT&E vehicle. Guests are being requested to take a lateral flow test the day before their tour (these are available cheaply from your chemist at around £2 each). The driver will also be similarly testing.


Longer tours with overnight stays, or day tours out of county, mean guests will be asked to enter into a bubble arrangement and lateral flow tests will be used. Full details will be given when you book on a tour.


Customers are being asked to make payment for tours in advance by direct transfer. This avoids contamination from transfer of cash on the day. Drinks are being dispensed in disposable cups with platic disposable cutlery. If customers wish to bring their own 'keep-cup' and cutlery they are invited to do so.


To give you some confidence we will be wiping down internal and touch-point external surfaces of our vehicle daily with disinfectant and sterilising cloths.


You are strongly advised to bring your own hand sterilizer with you on tour.


I hope this gives you some confidence regarding your safety so you can continue to enjoy our tours.

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