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Environmental Performance.


Since its inception during 2008 Wildlife Tours and Education (WT&E) has strived to make itself environmentally friendly. The environmental performance of the organisation is constantly reviewed and assessed to ensure it is rigorously demanding of its customers, procedures, machinery and business partners to get the most beneficial environmental impact possible.

Notably but not exclusively the following are considered:

  • Whenever possible paper waste is reduced. The organisation encourages storing of information on the business hard drive and not printing documents for storage.
  • All stationary is ordered from business partners that operate a similarly strict environmental policy to WT&E.
  • Paper used by WT&E is recycled paper rather than virgin paper.
  • Mobile phones, laptops and other equipment is recycled when it is no longer of use.
  • The WT&E vehicle is run on as low environmental impact fuel as possible whilst considering the nature of the business.
  • All foreign travel is carried out using a zero-carbon offset system.
  • The environmental impact of energy sources (Gas and Electricity) is considered at each contract review for the small office space WT&E occupy.
  • If it is possible to use public transport for some tours this is considered.
  • Packed lunches are made available on some tours. When they are, food with a low carbon footprint (produced locally) and from a sustainable source is used.
  • All packaging is recycled where possible and customers are encouraged to do similar when on tour and beyond.
  • Minimum use of office space is needed therefore an environmental management system (EMS) is not required at this time.


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